How are we?

Ray (1966) has been flying since his early years with just about everything. After studying technical informatics, he started working as a manager technical development at large international companies (for more information visit In addition to, Ray works two days a week for a turbine supplier in the Netherlands.

Natascha (1970) is not but has years before she learned Ray knew in aviation and also taught quite a few years in the modeling world.

In 2015 we started with RSED-RC.COM now SMT-RC.COM, the model building branch of RSED.
We develop, or other for Dutch RC kits, and make products for modeling, from kits, full GRP and / or wood to electronics. Think of the cockpit displays and plugs.
In 2020, we lifted and changed the name and changed to SMT-RC.COM as the state of Struik Model Technology Radio Control.

In addition to developing and making products, we naturally like to model fly, together with Gijs (2005) and Luuk (2006) who, like Ray, have raced the model fly like little boys and fly rather than walk.